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The timeline for implementation of the 1st Ecosocialist International: Combined Strategy & Plan of Action
 is presented in terms of:

             Short Term    A Time of Struggle

           Medium Term    A Time of Construction

              Long Term     A Time of Utopia

Zoom In to View the Details on the Ecosocialism Spiral

Check out the details on each group and see which one you and your crew are drawn to!
Just click on the website link to learn about the Five Elements of Ecosocialism and MORE!


There are many Community Activists who will be participating from East Africa and around the World!!
Your suggestions!     Your contacts!         Your Example!


Click here to see the ever-growing list of activist KNOWERS associated with east Africa who are committed to Elevating and ultimately Saving the Planet!
Add your name to the List! 

Don't Miss this Opportunity!



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