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Learn about education and schooling in the specific context of northern Tanzania.  Enjoy your orientation at the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC) in the foothills of Mount Meru.  Engage with local families and Tanzanian teachers and students, and develop a deeper understanding of the issues they face. There may be time for practice teaching or community service.  We are also able to arrange local homestays if your program permits.



7am   Breakfast as a group at the UAACC.  Discuss the upcoming activities of the day.  Debrief of previous day(s) activities.


9-12   Students report to their school/work sites. Travel may be by foot or by car/minibus. Return to UAACC between noon and 1pm.


1pm    Lunch at UAACC

2-4     Lecture/discussion at UAACC or group field visit. If the latter, return to UACC by 4:30pm.

4:30    Tea and snacks at UAACC.

5pm    Free time

7pm.   Dinner

8pm.   Film, guest lecture, group discussion


Weekends will generally be set aside for rest and reflection, although we recommend field trips available to local and regional cultural and environmental sites, e.g. Arusha, Maasailand, Mount Kilimanjaro (day hike), Tarangire National Park (weekend safari) and other sites of interest.

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