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It’s hard to believe that nine years have passed and that the Leaders of Tomorrow have grown from these watoto...

So Much Is Always Happening At The UAACC!

To these youth!

Mzee Pete a.k.a. Babu (Grandfather) had three things on his bucket list since he founded the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home nine years ago.

  1.  To take the children for their first glimpse of the Indian Ocean. We can check that off the list. They went to Tanga and had a wonder filled time!!

  2. To take the children to Ngorongoro Crater….check that off the list also.

  3. The third on his bucket list of wishes is to take the children to the first official level at 9,000 feet on Mt. Kilimanjaro!!!  That is sure to happen one day also!

But before they headed to Ngorongoro they stopped for a visit at the Meserani Snake Park. The children have been there a few times before and always enjoy learning about the reptiles. This time the even took notes for the presentation that they were scheduled to do in their classes!

After spending time at Meserani Snake Park the journey continued! On to Ngorongoro Crate to see all of Tanzania's amazing wildlife!!!

Before descending into the Crater they met up with a group of young Maasai whose face markings and black cloth indicated that they were undergoing an initiation. Everybody was a bit reluctant at first but soon reluctance melted into smiles and laughter!

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