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Pete O'Neal founded the United African American Community Center UAACC, a non-profit community based NGO, in 1991 for the purpose of providing programs and projects for the enrichment of the Arusha community, both urban and rural and also to promote closer cultural ties to communities in America and around the world.The name was later amended to United African Alliance Community Center to better reflect the more global focus of the center's  concentration and outreach. 

UAACC is based in Imbaseni Village in the heart of Wameru homeland outside of Arusha, Tanzania. We are situated between two majestic mountains, Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa and Mt. Meru, the third tallest! It's a place of serenity, beauty and joy!

From the beginning it was always a family effort!

In 1972 Pete and Charlotte came to Tanzania. They became African American pioneers in their ancestral homeland, and built their homestead on the slopes of Mt. Meru in Imbaseni, a rural village in the heart of the traditional homelande of the Wameru tribe. 

Pete and Charlotte with their children Malcolm and Stormy Ann during the early days in Arusha.

Charlotte learned how to milk cows, make cheese, yogurt, and butter!

Stormy did chores like carrying the milk.

Pete learned to plant and harvest in the early days!

Pete and Malcolm learned how to make stabilized soil bricks using a Cinvaram machince when building our first house in Imbaseni.

Through the years they built up the community center to what it is today, a compound with multiple classrooms, a children's home, and home to Pete Charlotte and UAACC staff/family!

Pete and Malcolm added to the family coffers by hunting. 

A long way from 

Kansas City!

The late 60's saw a tremendous upsurge of self-determination and community control in the inner cities throughout america. The Black Panther Party was a prime example of unity and shared purpose as evidenced in the many community programs initiated by the BPP such as the Free Breakfast for Childran and Free Health Clinics. Pete and Charlotte are proud to have been a part of that historic chapter of American histroy, Pete as founder and Chairman of the Kansas City Chapter of the BPP and Charlotte also as a member.


"Our present day community outreach service continues to be informed by our time as Black Panthers" Brother Pete acknowledges. "Our work is truly a continuation of the work we did as members of the Black Panther Party!" 

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