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From its inception in 1991, the UAACC has welcomed visiting university, college, high school and community groups from North America and East Africa.  “It remains not only a passion dear to our hearts but as one of the elemental parts of the UAACC constitution we pledge to continue to form and ‘to facilitate the strengthening of positive global community ties among people of diverse cultures, nationalities, races and creeds” Mama Charlotte explains.


"Doors open up that you never even knew existed when you get the opportunity to experience another culture!" a student exclaimed during a visit to a traditional village in Maasai land.  "Whether we were learning about beading and the intricate color patterns used; gathering firewood and milking goats, dancing in the moonlite with Maasai morani, or sitting by the fireside absorbing the wisdom of elders, being in Tanzania gave me a whole different, fuller perspective about life in general!"

There are so many ways that you can experience Tanzania like the images in
these slides...but we at UAACC want you to experience even more!

Climbing to the Rooftop of Africa might be on your bucket list

Mt. Kilimanjaro

 The founder/directors of UAACC have lived in Tanzania for more than four decades and have developed close working relationship with experts in just about any field that you would want to focus on e.g. wildlife ecology; socio-cultural explorations; indigenous medicine; music, poetry, hip hop and traditional dance; visual art; youth and women's issues, and many more.

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