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Life around the UAACC!

Leaders of Tomorrow.

The start of the Children's Home and the hope for the future. Made by Mwajabu Sadiki and Joseph Salam in collaboration with Williams College Students: Charlie Birns and Fhatarah Zinnamon. 

They're All Artists!

The UAACC integrates art into all aspects of the children's lives and stresses the importance of keeping their culture while learning the cultures of the world.

Lean on Me

Mzee Pete and the watoto (children) treat us to their version of Lean on Me.

UAACC Students Dancing in for Their Graduation!

2014 Graduating UAACC students dance into their graduation ceremony.

Leaders of Tomorrow Sing for the Graduates.

The watoto sing "You Are Not Alone" for the graduating class. 


Watoto Dancing and Singing.

LOTCH watoto sing and dance at the graduation ceremony for the 2014 UAACC students.

Babu (grandpa) Pete and Joshua
Dancing in to Perform at Graduation
Halima Posing Up in the Tree
Maria Posing
Omari Just Hanging Out
Winne in the Maasai villag
Watoto perform on talent day
Watoto dancing
The girls
Faraja Posing
The watoto learning to bea
Mzee and the boys
Omary made a Maasai bracelet
Omary taking video of the g
The boys
The girls
Mwajabu with some of the Maasai women
Joshua breaks the ice in the Maasai village
Jacki shows the jewelry she made
Intent on jewelry making
Having fun together
Ayubu and Watoto
Halima with a baby goat
Beading was fun!
The watoto helping Babu with his hair
Enjoying some quality time
Study abroad groups come to visit throughout the year.
Babu, Omari, Baraka, and Selemani
Mama C reading to the kids
Thumbs up!
Mama C treating everyone to a little nyatiti session.
Group shot
Watoto in their first school uniforms
Ngoma time!
Joshua and Babu (grandpa)
Wakunga Zamani
Dog kisses
Joshua in his new threads
Words to live by
Students at the center celebrating
Happy birthday Mama C!
Babu and watoto having a laugh
Hamisi in his new glasses
Karibu! Welcome!
Joshua and Babu
Watoto are all smiles
Bibi and Babu with the watoto
Mama C and Mzee Pete
Sister Niya helping the children learn computer skills
Mama C jamming with the kids
Babu and the kids
Sister Queen
Pete and Charlotte
Winnie and Gabby
The children and Kathryn enjoying a
Mama C getting down on the drums.
The kids posing
All of the kids
Children's Home
English and fun rolled into one
Chalk artwork
An ngoma show at UAACC
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