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Add YOUR NAME to the list of KNOWERS,
Artists and Community Activists who are doing what we can to help Elevate our Communities and ultimately Save the Planet through Art and Healing and Sharing Knowledge!

There are many Community Activists who will be participating from East Africa and Beyond!!
We Call on the following Artist Activists and KNOWERS who are committed to doing what they can to help save the Planet through educating and elevating through
*music  *poetry  *hip hop  *dance  *film  *rituals   *healers  *mentoring
 and by any other means necessary
to reach our goal of
Healing the Planet and bringing Peace and Love and Unity to the world!

Check out this video offering from a crew of artist activists from Arusha, Tanzania that include:
Mama C,
Emma Maasai,
Gp Rowdix,
& Youth from UAACC!


The video is titled CRY of MOTHER EARTH and was created in solidarity with the First Ecosocialist International


And your name to the list!

We need your wisdom, creativity and ideas!
Don’t Miss this Opportunity!


There are many Community Activists who will be participating from East Africa and Beyond!! Don’t Miss this Opportunity!
We call on:
United African Alliance Community Center Family
Gp Rowdix         Mstaafrika
HustlaJay Mau Mau
Arusha Poetry Club
Candice Davis and Mr. Hodari
Prosperity Movement  
       Ogunlano Music
       Mic Crenshaw           Afrikan Hip Hop Caravan
Vincent Uhega         Voice of Youth
        East Africa Rise Up
          Babaluku            Babuvuka Foundation

NaysG Ngarmatoni
Grandmaster Masese


In the first place, we believe along with Jose Marti that
 “the best way to say is to do.”
 The best way to be part of the First Ecosocialist International is to
commit yourself to fulfilling one or more of the actions in this
Combined Strategy and Plan of Action.

 In this way, your collectives, organizations, and movements will be
part of the First Ecosocialist International.

No individual or group is the First Ecosocialist International alone; it is only when WE are.
 If you would like the name of your collective, organization or movement to appear alongside others on a list that will be compiled, or to send pictures or reports about actions taken which contribute to the fulfillment of this plan, they will be welcome at the following addresses: (in Spanish) (in English)

For more information and better understanding go to

then if you need even more information (especially east Africa comrades) contact Mama C


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