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Mama Charlotte will provide inspiring talks and updates on nearly three decades of United African Alliance Community Center’s international community outreach including the UAACC Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home program established ten years ago by UAACC founder, Pete O’Neal!


She will be available to screen topical documentaries;  perform her unique music and poetry plus dramatic readings from her soon to be published memoirs titled HARD HEAD and speak on life as “New World Africans in the Motherland” …all the while spreading love, blessings and inspiration in the earthy and effective style that is uniquely her own!

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Mama C speaking about UAACC history and community work at 
First Afrikan Presbyterian Church
in Atlanta during 2018 tour.

A scene from the award winning classic by documentary film maker, Aaron Matthews.  The film titled, A PANTHER IN AFRICA, focuses on the life and history of Kansas City Black Panther leader and UAACC founder, Pete O'Neal

Mama C will be available to screen a documentary about her life as an artist activist by film maker, Dr Joanne Hershfield titled MAMA C: URBAN WARRIOR IN THE AFRICAN BUSH plus music videos and documentaries by East African film makers!

There will also be opportunities for
 non-festival screenings of a new documentary by Jermaine Thomas of Taishi Studio titled
that focuses on the community service legacy of the Black Panthers that still persists, including in Africa at UAACC, even after more than 50 years since the founding of the
Black Panther Party!


The Legacy of Volunteerism,
Community Service, Enlightenment and
Confidence Building is an integral part of what UAACC is!


There are schools that Mama C continues to visit and some that were brand new on the itinerary including:
UC Berkeley    Sierra College    Sacramento State College    Luther Burbank High School
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University    Bridgewater State University    Columbia High, New Jersey
                            and even some primary schools, churches and temples were included this time!



AS usual the Heal the Community tour calendar fills up quickly so
make your bookings soon!
If you were not able to host Mama C in 2018, book NOW for the opportunity to do so during the 2019 tour!


Contact for Mama C:


Mama C at home in Tanzania with her beloved kamalen ngoni harp which originates in west Africa, but this one was constructed by a sister in Oakland after she studied both kora and

kamalen ngoni construction in Mali! Mama C plans to travel with both her nyatiti AND her kamalen ngoni during the 2019 tour and she is always ready to jam! Stay tuned!

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