Stony Brook University has been coming annually to UAACC for many years, initially under the leadership of the renowned anthropology professor, Dr. Bill Arens.


As Dr. Arens has retired, the program now has a cultural AND medical focus.  

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We have enjoyed hosting Bridgewater State University at UAACC for several years now and when Mama C visits them for the annual Africa Awareness week she says "it feels like coming home!" BSU has an art and culture focus and is presently being led by Dr. Jonathan Shirland.  

Something similar might work for your Study Abroad group!

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Secondary school students from Carter G. Woodson School have 'off the beaten path' experiences as they explore aspects of traditional African rituals and spiritual practices in Mangusha Forest near UAACC.  Oft times, African study abroad students who live in the Diaspora, plant trees in honor of their Ancestors and receive special blessings from Mama C aka Osotunde Fasuyi who is a practicing Ritual Woman, Healer and Orisha Priestess.

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Experiencing other cultures...being out in nature...appreciating other peoples perspectives and views of the world can open up new areas of possibilites in the lives of our youth!  Birthing change makers!

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